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Staff picture for Chinatech Solutions

ChinaTech Solutions staff at Shanghai, China machine assembly facility

Consisting of staff in Canada, The UK and China, the CTS team has a deep understanding of the expectations of North American and European machine builders. All CTS key staff based in China have previously worked in management roles at Western machine builders with assembly facilities in China, including BOBST and The Mastec Group

CTS management is agile and empowers team members at CTS to make decisions related to their job functions and to take ownership of these decisions. We are focused on fostering an internal “coaching” culture to further develop staff competencies so as to provide the most value possible to our customer base.

Our Founder

CTS is led by Mr. Jason Carline, the president of the company, who brings over 25 years of machine-building experience to the organization. Since the mid-1990s, he has spent the majority of this time living in China where he has held senior-level positions across a range of manufacturing and sales organizations.

J. Carline and staff members

ChinaTech Solutions – J. Carline and staff members

Fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), Jason established ChinaTech Solutions in 2011 to support the needs of machine builders whose supply line requirements are for a wide range of dissimilar machined components and fabrications…High Mix–Low Volume.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to provide our clients with comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for their machining and fabrication needs, from large to small scale components.

We manage risk for our clients, striving to achieve OTIF delivery (on-time in full), for each and every order. We are driven to be the quality and cost saving leader for the services we provide and are committed to transparency and total confidentially of our clients intellectual property.

We can only expect loyalty across the globe by continuously improving. We are driven to maintain lasting business partnerships that contribute to our clients’ global competitive advantage and long-term success.

CTS vendor facility

CTS vendor facility

Supply Chain

With operations in Canada, The UK and China, including a 20,000-square-foot, wholly-owned engineering and machine assembly facility in Shanghai, China, CTS is a supply chain management provider that makes vendor and materials management more efficient by capitalizing on our volume-leveraged network of suppliers.

As a part of our supply solution, suppliers to our contract manufacturing program have been pre-qualified for quality, reliability, performance and value. Continuous assessment and expansion of our vendor base, coupled with sophisticated management systems, ensure optimized vendor selection for our varied contract manufacturing programs.

CTS supply chain management service also allows for easy and efficient incorporation of our customers’ existing supply chain into our solution, which is especially important for expedited programs.

Whether sub-suppliers to your contract manufacturing program are directed or yet to be determined, CTS can step in at any stage to establish, organize and manage an efficient supply chain to ensure the success of your program.

“Call-off” of customer stock – Kanban system

CTS vendor facility

CTS vendor facility

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Cost Saving Services

We develop lasting partnerships for our clients that advance their global competitive advantage while saving costs – find out how.

Two machine parts in communication pose

Build-to-Print Solutions for Custom Machinery

CTS offers build-to-print services for custom machinery, from subassemblies and equipment to complete integrated systems.